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DARIAN RENEE is the heart, soul and head of MUSE. DARIAN draws upon her skills as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound designer, vocalist, songwriter, engineer and producer to help bring creative visions to life for like-minded artists. As an empathic, socially conscious and relationship-focused community leader, Darian uses music and creativity as a tool to bridge connections, appreciate perspective, spread messages that bring awareness to celebrate culture, worldviews and freedom of expression to create a very rich inner world for herself and to not only enrich the soundscapes & music but the lives of the artists she works with.DARIAN believes that every artist is a storyteller & that music gives a voice to the voiceless. DARIAN has a knack for using creative production to highlight the individuality of the vocals and songwriting of solo artists and bands alike. She has helped develop the sound of hundreds of artists, bringing out the most authentic voice, story and sound of each. Her goal is to emphasize (NOT change or distort) the original intention and message of each project, designing the soundscape meticulously & cohesively to create the best version of the song. Her goal is to add value to every project she is a part of & to be the best collaborator she can be. "All musicians I work with enter as strangers but leave as friends. Music is the centerfold, but it's more than just music. Music is connection. What's most important is the end result; audiences connect emotionally and are inspired when all of that lines up. It's about the process." No music? No problem. A Berklee College of Music and Juilliard educated musician, a life-long music lover, DARIAN is in the position to use her overlapping knowledge of contemporary & classical music, business & music technology to help artists focus on their music, message and performance so they can leave behind a legacy that's larger than life.

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